Vision&Goal There is no doubt that the upcoming stage requires to be seriously taken into consideration, the aim being to activate and further boost cooperation among Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), Ministry of Sports Affairs, national sports associations and other stakeholders. We need to have a significant driving force to further strength and empower OOC’s administrative and executive organs and supporting committees. In line with the vision and approach adopted by OOC’s Board of Directors in planning for the future, with particular emphasis on human resources as being the main drive of development. The ultimate goal is to encourage employees to be more productive and innovative so that they can play an effective role towards development. There is no age limit for performance and OOC’s employees are required to put in yet more efforts toward further developing and uplifting their performance and working skills. The Board has over the past period conducted an in-depth More
To pursue a creative and serious approach towards dealing with sports marketing such that it is not only confined to obtaining sponsorships or donations by the Private Sector’s establishments. Such approach is rather required to extend to assisting those establishments in achieving their objectives by enabling them to gain profits or societal recognition through an effective sports and Olympic partnership. By determining the objectives of the private establishments of various sectors and trends, OOC will be able to employ sport as a tool capable of achieving those objectives which would eventually reflect positively and significantly on the budget allocated by commercial companies and establishments in support of sport. For this to be achieved, there is also a requirement for putting in place a map of partners from the private sector who believe in the role and significance of sport and in propagating the culture of sports marketing among the relevant organizations. More

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Beach handball and swimming team participate in the first AWBG in Doha

The Sultanate, represented by Oman Olympic Committee, started its participation in the beach handball


Khalid Al Busaidi meets Handball Association

Sayyid Khalid, OOC Chairman, Chaired a joint meeting between OOC and OHA Boards of Directors last Thursday.


OOC Chairman meets Oman Swimming Association

As part of his program to activate joint work with Sports Associations and Committees, Sayyid Khalid

  • Oman Anti-Doping Committee
  • Planning & Follow-up Committee
  • Oman Athletes Committee
  • Oman Sport for All Committee
  • Oman Women’s Sport Committee
  • Oman Sport and Environment Committee
  • Oman Sports Medicine Committee
  • Oman Media Committee
  • Oman Marketing Committee
  • Oman Olympic Solidarity Committee
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Committee

جميع الحقوق محفوظة اللجنة الأولمبية العمانية 2016 . عدد الزوار