[Oman Anti-Doping Committee]

Oman Anti-Doping Committee

Committee Composition:


  1. H.E. Dr. Sayyid Sultan bin Yaarub Al Busaidi                    Chairman
  2. Lt. Col. Abdallah bin Hamad Al Alawi                               Member
  3. Mr. Shuaib bin Mohammed Al Zidjali                                Member
  4. Dr. Rashid bin Hamad Al Balushi                                     Member
  5. Dr. Nasser bin Abdallah Al Naabi                                     Member
  6. Mrs. Nimrah bint Sulaiman Al Abri                                   Member
  7. Mrs. Rakhiyah bint Said bin Khalfan Al Hanaiyiah             Member




  1. Prepare National Anti-Doping Regulation in consistence with the WADA’s Anti-Doping Code with a view to combating dopes as approved by IOC.
  2. Put in place rules regulating the Committee’s activities both technically and administratively in accordance with the International Anti-Doping Code.
  3. Hold and organize qualifying courses for Omani cadres in the field of anti-doping.
  4. Conduct seminars, lectures and workshops elucidating on the hazards of dopes and compile guide publications about dopes and their distribution to the sports associations, clubs and relevant organizations.
  5. Cooperate and coordinate with sports associations with regard to doping tests of national and club teams and prepare reports, statistics and information on such tests.
  6.  Designate OCA and IOC approved national specialized medical laboratories to be involved through contracts in conducting tests of samples after approval of Board of Directors.
  7. Cooperate and coordinate with anti-doping commissions of OCA and IOC for interaction and communication with WADA in order to successfully carrying out the committee’s jurisdictions.
  8. Consider anti-doping offences and issue appropriate decisions and recommendations on them.
  9. The Committee may seek assistance from whomever it deems appropriate in the course of successfully carrying out its duties. 

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