ٍSupporting Committees [Oman Sport for All Committee ]

Oman Sport for All Committee



  1. Support and propagate sport for all programme and circulate the same to all governorates of the Sultanate.
  2. Prepare necessary competent cadres to disseminate sport for all in accordance with a schedule providing full coverage.
  3. Put in place programmes necessary to propagate sport for all according to various age groups.
  4. Disseminate sports awareness for exercising of sport through the various media.
  5. Cooperate and coordinate with private organizations operating in sports field, ministries, government and non-government organizations and other organizations for implementation of sport for all programmes.
  6. Hold various events under the theme “Sport for All” on continuing basis.
  7. Utilize team participation of various community segments in order to highlight national pattern issues or topics.
  8. Tackle through sports events the negative phenomena and some patterns of inappropriate behavior.
  9. Highlight the benefits of sport for all in minimizing diseases, particularly obesity, diabetes and coronary diseases.
  10. Spread awareness on the hazards of diseases and doping in sport.
  11. Invite people to contribute to serving the community.
  12. Any other duties relating to sport for all assigned to the committee by the OOC Board.
  13. The Committee may seek assistance of whomever it deems appropriate for successfully implementing its duties.



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