Latest news [Modern Management Techniques in Sports Institutions course rounded off]

Modern Management Techniques in Sports Institutions course rounded off

Modern Management Techniques in Sports Institutions course organized by Oman Olympic Academy was rounded off last Wednesday, in the presence of Taha Al-Kihri, OOC Secretary General, and the lecturer, Dr. Ali Al-Bakri - Head of Sports Development Department at the Qatar Olympic Academy.

The course targeted sports administrators and employees specialized in sports institutions in the Sultanate, and lasted for three days during which many topics were discussed, the most important of which are elements of administrative thought and the basic values ​​of the Olympic movement and its symbols and the use of scientific foundations and principles in designing administrative programs. In addition to learning about proper planning To develop management, and to develop the level of participants using the latest Techniques in the field of modern management in sports institutions.

The course aimed to rehabilitee the Oman cadres working in sports institutions and developing their practical and skill aspects, and introducing them to the modern foundations in building training programs according to the principles and theories of sport science.

It is worth noting that Oman Olympic Academy will organize 10 training programs during this year in sports management, Olympic education and various sports courses.

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