ٍSupporting Committees [Oman Media Committee]

Oman Media Committee



  1. Put in place and implement a media plan aiming at highlighting connectivity between development and Olympic and sports mobility which proved through several studies and initiatives to be effective in many countries.
  2. Introduce the basic role of the Olympic movement in propagating the culture of peace and contribution to social and economic stability.
  3. Draw up a plan aimed at encouraging and supporting women’s sport such that it contributes to changing the concepts associated with women’s involvement in sport and state the advantages of expanding such activity.
  4. Put in place a media plan aimed at disseminating and encouraging sports club to exercise various Olympic sports with a view to disseminating Olympic sports in the Sultanate.
  5. Prepare and implement a media plan aimed at encouraging students in early stages of their life to exercise Olympic sports in cooperation with the authorities concerned with education in Oman.
  6. Put in place a comprehensive media plan to promote Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), its terms of reference and scope of works.
  7. Prepare various publications on OOC activities and events and disseminate Olympic culture and education.
  8. Hold and organize seminars, conferences, workshops and programs on various topics relating to the OOC’s tasks and jurisdictions.
  9. Hold and organize press conferences and media meets for OOC on its various activities and events and external participations.
  10. Issue periodic magazines and brochures and press releases on OOC’s various activities and events and external participations.
  11. Carry out integrated media coverage on Oman’s participation in Asian Games, Olympic Games and other dividends held under the umbrella of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC).
  12. Nominate committee’s representative to accompany delegations taking part in external dividends and put in place mechanism for such nominations to be approved by the Board of Directors.
  13. Cooperate and liaise with the media commissions of the OCA, IOC and other international media commissions.
  14. Cooperate and coordinate with the marketing committee for the success of marketing and promotion programs and highlight the identity of sponsors and funders and strengthen the roles of publicity and advertising in accordance with the policy devised by the marketing committee.
  15. The committee may seek assistance from whomever it deems appropriate for the success of its mission


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