ٍSupporting Committees [Oman Marketing Committee]

Oman Marketing Committee




  1. Evaluate the current situation with regard to the Olympic sports in the Sultanate and prepare and implement marketing programmes and initiatives aiming at disseminating Olympic sports among all segments of the society by cooperating with the other national Olympic committees.
  2. Prepare a strategy aiming at establishing sustainable and viable partnerships with a number of leading companies in the Sultanate as well as with some global companies having business in Oman.
  3. Prepare and implement plans aimed at highlighting the role of Oman Olympic Committee in increasing the numbers of Olympic sports exercisers at the amateur and professional levels for the purpose of making a popular base Olympic mobility that would later represent the driving force for development and marketing of Olympic sport.
  4. Contribute to marketing initiatives aiming at strengthening infrastructure for Olympic sport exercising.
  5. Study the possibility of obtaining technical, consultative and financial support from regional and international organizations concerned with Olympic activities and events.
  6. Work towards marketing and promoting the Sultanate as a hub to play host to some of the Olympic events in cooperation and coordination with the sports associations.
  7. Work towards providing support and assistance to sports associations and clubs with a view to promoting and marketing their activities and events.


جميع الحقوق محفوظة اللجنة الأولمبية العمانية 2016 . عدد الزوار