ٍSupporting Committees [Oman Olympic Solidarity Committee ]

Oman Olympic Solidarity Committee



  1. Contribute to honing and qualifying sports leaders, develop their skills, organize advanced and qualifying sports courses as part of Olympic Solidarity’s programme and nominate candidates for post-graduate courses in spots administration and Olympic Movement.
  2. Prepare, implement and follow up the setting up of Omani Olympic academy and Olympic museum with the aim of encouraging Olympic education and training and prepare Olympic Movement-related cultural programmes and brochures and participate in propagating Olympic spirit within physical and sports education programmes at schools, universities and sports gatherings.
  3. Study and evaluate Olympic Solidarity’s Programme for athletes with regard to training scholarships for athletes and national teams for effective participation in continental and Olympic competitions.
  4. Study, evaluate and follow up Olympic Solidarity Programme for coaches in terms of training courses in various disciplines and sports and scholarships for coaches in the universities and approved continental training centers as well as development programmes for national sports facilities.
  5. Study, evaluate and follow up Management Programme of Oman Olympic Committee with regard to developing executive management and organizing in-house training courses for administrators and international training courses for executives working in administrative sport as well as programmes for exchange of experiences among national Olympic committees.
  6. Cooperate and coordinate with Oman Sports Medicine Committee, Sport and Environment Committee, Women’s Sport Committee and Sport for All Committee for utilization of Olympic Solidarity’s Programmes relating to activation and development of duties and terms of reference of supporting committees of Oman Olympic Committee.
  7. Provide advice to the Board of Directors of Oman Olympic Committee on obtainment of financial, administrative and technical support and assistance from the International Olympic Committee.
  8. Work towards taking advantage of the global programmes covering and boosting various aspects of sports development as well as the Olympic Solidarity’s programmes.
  9. Evaluate and follow up supplementary programmes of Olympic Solidarity and discuss the mechanisms of their activation.
  10. Encourage and support sports and Olympic studies and research programmes and translation.

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