ٍSupporting Committees [Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Committee]

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Committee

Terms of Reference of Oman Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Committee

1.Work towards implementing Oman Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Regulation pursuant to the Rules of Arbitration for Sport.

2.Prepare regulations pertinent to the costs of arbitration and review the same in line with any new developments.

3.Hold and organize seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences relating to the resolution and proceedings of sports-related disputes.

4.Publish awareness and guidance publications with a view to propagating the culture of arbitration for sport and coordinate with sports associations and committees and relevant authorities.

5.Cooperate and liaise with the GCC and continental sports dispute resolution committees and CAS for successful implementation of its terms of reference.

6.Consider sports disputes relating to Oman Olympic Committee or any of its members and decide upon the same in accordance with Oman Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Regulation.

7.Hear statements made by Omani athletes and forward their proposals or opinions to the Board of Directors.

8.Oversee the proceedings of arbitration for sport within the committee.

9.Propose arbitrators and mediators and forward their names to the Board of Directors for them to be registered in the Committee’s List of Arbitrators and Mediators.

10.Designate venue of arbitration, hearing sessions and meetings.

11.Approve extension of issuing final arbitral award.

12.Consider the draft arbitral award before signing it.

13.Approve arbitral award in form.

14.Agree to correct or interpret arbitral award.

15.Raise perspectives on development of the committee’s work.

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